Welcome to our new ekoc website.

Our guild and alliance was founded in the original Guild Wars on the 29th April 2008 by our intrepid leader Mondolino The Great.  The alliance he formed has endured, attracting many other guilds, and is now moving into Guild Wars 2, located in the Isle Of Janthir.

The majority of our members are Australian, but we do have a significant number of international players that are online during our time zone.  Our main focus has been PvE, but many of our members also enjoy PvP, and there has been strong interest in the new WvWvW.

All levels of players are welcome, both experienced and new, as long as they are mature and polite.  There is no swearing, trolling, begging or spamming allowed in chat, as we like to ensure it is an enjoyable time for all members.

If you are interested in joining our guild, come to the Isle Of Janthir and ask for the ekoc alliance or fill out your details in the Recruitment Page.